Sunday, March 24, 2019

Te Kauru Gala Art

Every year for Gala, each class creates art to sell at our school Gala. Here is our art. We are pretty happy with how it has turned out.

The students all brought in glass jar from home.  We decorated them using hot glue and then spray painted them a colour of our choice. These can be used as vases, pencil holders, candle holders, etc.

What do you think about our art?

Friday, March 15, 2019

St Patrick's Day Dress Up

On Sunday, 17th March, it's St Patrick's Day. Students always love dressing up, so today Paparore School encouraged all students to come dressed in green.

Here are some green snapshots from our lovely students in Te Kauru.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Manaiakalani Device Roll Out

Today, Paparore School had their device roll out to all the students to bought a chromebook through our Manaiakalani outreach trust. We had a total of 56 students receiving a chromebook!!

All the year 3-6 students were invited to the ceremony. The students were given their chromebook, and waited patiently while others received theirs.

Sir sharing the Manaiakalani Kaupapa with the students and whanau before receiving their chromebooks.

The students were very excited to finally open their own chromebooks.

Afterwards, we had a game of Kahoot, and of course it was related to being Cyber Smart.

And the top three students are...
Well done Liv from Te Manga who was 1st place, and Bailey and Lyrik from Te Kauru received 2nd and 3rd place. Kei te pai!

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Seniors to the Town Pools

Today our two senior classes, Te Puawai and Te Kauru, went to the town pools. This was to provide students an opportunity to experience swimming in a larger pool (since we have a small school pool), and to select the students that would be going through to Zone Swimming.

The students had their normal swimming lesson at the town pools, followed by everyone attempting to swim the whole length of the pool, and finally being able to enjoy a free swim.

And then of course the teachers had to have a race. Who would win, Mr Masters or Mrs Davan???

Monday, February 25, 2019

Swim Safe with Whaea Ronda

Swim Safe

For the first four weeks of Term, we have had Whaea Ronda in to teach our kids about swim safe.

The children learned about the different floats - starfish float (on your front and back) and the mushroom float; and the purpose of these floats.

They also underwent life jacket training, and how to keep yourself save when overboard.

Starfish Float

Listening carefully to instructions

Side stroke - This is important when you are too tired to swim

Children's Writing

The mushroom float is a swimming technique to use when you have sunk below to the middle of the ocean, lake or pool . To float back up to the top , you would need to cross your legs, cross your arms and tuck your legs. This technique will help you float back up to the surface .

Sidestroke is when you are getting tired of swimming and running out of breath. 
What you have to do is rest your arm out long in front of you and then lay your head on your arm then move your legs like scissors to cut water.  With your second arm try to act like you are grabbing an apple from your hand in front and bring it back and then the second hand rests on your hip. 

The mushroom float is a technique that might save your life when you have fallen in the water and you don’t know which way is up or down. How to do it is you curl into a ball and you will float to the surface. That is how you do the mushroom float.

With the technique of sidestroke I would be able to breath easily because I am lying on my side and still be able to move through the water fast enough. The position for side stroke is really easy, all you have to do is float on your side and rest your head on your arm that is stretched out in front of you.
You also need to bring your arm towards the arm in front and back towards your legs that would be doing the scissor kick, so that you don't get tired.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

EMR - Experiencing Marine Reserves

Our class was fortunate enough to participate in the EMR programme this term. A qualified expert came to our classroom to teach us about the importance of Marine Reserves and the different species we would find in our local protected area - Matai Bay.

Classroom Based Session

The students worked in pairs to match the species they would encounter.

Fitting Our Snorkeling Gear

The students were then taught how to fit snorkeling gear and were given a practice snorkeling session in our school pool.

Add a small amount of toothpaste to your goggles to stop them from fogging up.

Test to see if your snorkel fits by placing it on your face and sucking in through your nose, it should then stick.

Aria's mask fits perfectly.

After rubbing toothpaste on your goggles, be sure to rinse them clean.

Pool Based Session

Ready, set, snorkel.

The students were taught to dive under the water, through the hoop, and then blow all the water out of their snorkel instead of coming back up for air.

Each group will have a body board with them for safety reasons.

We are ready, and look forward to our real snorkeling session at Matai bay towards the end of March. Yeehaw!

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Ahoy Waitangi

At the end of last year, year 5 students in Te Kauru were encouraged to enter a competition. The students had to create something to share what is special about Waitangi Day. This could be a poem, song, animation, video, etc.

Bailey created this amazing animation which won first prize.

So on the 5th of February, Te Kauru students set sail on the HMNZS WELLINGTON, cruising the harbour from Opua Wharf to Paihia.

The excitement when the students first spotted the Navy Frigate.

Safety briefing first, before boarding the HMNZS WELLINGTON.


Safety Gear required for riding in the Rhibs.

Lowering the Rhib into the water for the first group.

First group ready to go for their Rhib ride.

Sleeping quarters.

Fire fighting gear on board the HMNZS WELLINGTON.

Fire fighting training. - Jasmine

Fire fighting training. - Kobe

Fire fighting training. - Leah

Fire fighting training. - Paige

The Navy Seals performing a Haka for both schools at the end of the day.

This week in class we have been writing "Moment in Times" to share a snapshot of our experience on board the Navy Frigate.

Navy Trip by Bailey

I could feel a nasty sickness brewing up inside as I listened to the steady rumble of the RHIB boat engine. We held our breath as we waited and waited and waited for the boat to touch the calm water. Then we were off!! whizzing past the navy frigate as we all tried to obtain our balance. Suddenly I felt an eager pulse going through my body as soon as we saw a dolphin breaking the surface of the water with its glorious jump. That’s when I realised that the RHIB rides weren’t so bad after all.


Splash! We were off, all ready I was feeling sick and a little bit disorientated.

“Woohoo”! Everyone was having the time of their life… but me. I kept thinking I was about to fall off and that it would be the end for me. The Rhib boat started to move towards the main Navy frigate and the giant swell was slamming against us.

All of a sudden crew members were firing water at us making my shoes flood with an abundance of water and causing my hands to slip right off the handle in front of me.

“Yuck”! This salt water tastes disgusting.

I was sliding around on my seat as I realised this was actually really amusing.

Rhib riding: A moment in time by Paige

The first thing that caught my eye was the rhib boats on each side of the navy ship. When it was my turn I was ready with my life jacket on and courage. ZOOM! We went as soon as we hit the water. I saw playful dolphins swimming, creating bubbles as they dived. People behind me screamed and yet I could hear them over the BOOMING motor. The calm waves hitting the boat rocked us a little. The smell was as salty as the sea and so was the taste. Blech. The wind was cruising through my hair as if it were worms swarming through. The sea water splashing in the small boat covered me and the handlebars that I need to hold on to. Slippery enough for me to think to myself, “Don’t let go or you will fly of like a plane without wings, diving into the ocean floor.” I held on tightly with my legs and my hands, screaming as the boat lifted off the ocean’s surface. But wow, was the view breathtaking. I was disappointed because I wanted another go but sadly, I wasn’t allowed to.