Friday, August 17, 2018

Maths Fun and Games

Each Friday we have a range of maths games that our students play, and each week they are new activities.  This week the students enjoyed playing live mathletics, QR basic facts, I have who has times tables and of course the attraction of the day, the sphero. Here are some photos and videos of our maths learning today.
The girls are working on their coding to control the Sphero.  They had to consider the speed of the sphero, how long it would roll for, the direction it would go, while some included sounds and a change of lights.
The boys are wondering around the room looking for the card that has the answer to their questions.  Once the find the correct card, they scan the QR code to reveal their next question/challenge.

Sorry, thought this video was a little longer, but these boys are playing times tables "Who has, I have".  A fun and engaging way to practice basic facts.

Food for Thought with Desley Austen

The Food Pyramid

Over the next couple of weeks, Te Kauru students will be learning about food nutrition to ensure a healthy heart. 

14th August 2018

This week the students learnt about the food pyramid and which foods we should eat most of, and which foods are occasional foods. The students enjoyed the first session. Thank you Desley.