Thursday, December 13, 2018

Year 6 Celebration

Our videos from our 2018 Year 6 Celebration. Enjoy!

Meet all our amazing Year 6 students.

Our Year 6 students early school years.

All the amazing fun we had this year!

Our fabulous dance moves!


  1. Thank you for posting these Mrs Davan. These are great memories of a wonderful bunch of Te Kauru students. What a fabulous year! Kei te pai xxx

  2. Farewell was my favourite. I nearly cried while watching it and I agree with Whaea Deb. Thank you for posting these Mrs Davan!

    P.S. Did you like the worm I did?

  3. Sharlene is pretty good at the hipe no offence

  4. i can remember last year as if it was yesterday

    1. It was so heat warming watching all of them and seeing my besties. Your right Bailey, It's cool and I do as well feel as if it were yesterday.