Sunday, September 15, 2019

Squawk Squad Week 5: Marine Week

This week we have been learning all about our Marine Environment and how bad plastics are for them. In an effort to help our marine environment, each student from Te Kauru had to collect at least 1 piece of plastic each day.  They had to find this out in their surrounding environment, either on the road, in town, or around the school.

The students together decided the shape they would like their sculpture to form. Our class decided to make a seal.  Bailey and Manaia were in charge or drawing the seal, while Aria helped Whaea Sharlz wash all the plastics.

Once everything was reading, everyone had a turn at glueing their plastics onto our seal.  Doesn't it look absolutely amazing? This is how much plastics we have saved from entering our oceans this week alone!

Do you think you can help us save our oceans?

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